Jennifer Paynter

Calabash Banquet Hall & Restaurant

Calabash Banquet Hall & Restaurant is a family-owned business run by Jennifer Paynter and her husband. Serving both Caribbean and American food, the restaurant and banquet hall hosts events for members of the community. From weddings to funerals to family reunions, they do it all! The banquet hall can accommodate up to 200 people, and the restaurant serves brunch every Sunday.

Connection to the neighborhood:

Originally from Trinidad, Jennifer's family came to Philadelphia in the early 80s. Her husband’s family came to the area from St. Vincent in the late 70s. 

Best dishes to try at Calabash:

Jennifer suggests everyone try the oxtail and jerk chicken. Calabash also serves “Ackee & Saltfish”, the national dish of Jamaica, which is a big hit among people of Jamaican descent. 

What to know about Overbrook:

Overbrook is a fun, friendly place, home to lots of families!


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